Reindeer asks homeless people for help but he calls the police!

There are many stories about animals asking people for help. But many people don’t believe in it or just think it’s a coincidence. But when homeless Dimitri first encountered a wild reindeer, he was sure it would attack him. But his guess turned out to be wrong. The reindeer actually wanted Dimitri to follow him because he needed his help with something terrible. When Dimitri finally found out what happened, he was almost in tears.

Five years ago, Dimitri lost his job and he was living on the streets. But it seemed like everything was going to change soon. Dimitri no longer wanted to live in the city. He had problems with the police and the residents since they do not tolerate the homeless. That’s why Dimitri wanted to leave town!
More than a week had passed and he hardly had anything to eat or drink. Exhausted, he couldn’t go any further and sat down next to a road that led into a forest. He had given up all hope of a better life and just waited until he starved to death. But when he realized that someone was standing in front of him, he slowly opened his eyes. But he didn’t expect that!
Dimitri was stunned when he saw a reindeer standing in front of him. Although these wild animals were rather shy, Dimitri got closer and closer. He immediately thought that the reindeer would attack him. But there was no impact. Instead, Dimitri found that the animal was by no means aggressive. Finally, the reindeer made a soft noise before gently touching Dimitri with its head. Dimitri was speechless. He hadn’t had any water for hours and was therefore too exhausted to understand. What did the reindeer want from him now?
At first, Dimitri thought the best option would be to pretend he was sleeping. Maybe the reindeer would leave him alone then? But instead the animal nudged him again. By now, Dimitri was sure he couldn’t outrun the animal. But then a car drove by, observed the situation and stopped.
The man got out and slowly walked towards Dimitri, not wanting to scare the reindeer. He asked if Dimitri needed help and got a gun out of his car. Dimitri was startled when he saw the gun because he didn’t want the man to hurt the reindeer! He knew he had to do something quickly or the situation would spiral out of control. What happens next to Dimitri and the reindeer? Watch video below for the whole story:

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