Rescue a poor dog on the way to the slaughterhouse. He was tied on the motorbike of a dog dealers

We came upon a dog seller. He used to buy and sell dogs to slaughterhouses from peasants. He was strapping the poor dog with tape and attaching the poor dog to the back of the car when we met. He stated that he would return them to the dog slaughterhouse.

He did not mind the dog’s life when he tied it up like that. Because he assumed that the dog would be eaten after all. We followed him a long way, and he dropped the dog in the middle of the road, but still refused to sell to us.
After a long begging him. He also offered to sell us, a price much higher than the price he sold to the slaughterhouse, forcing us to buy or else the dog would die. Dogs are friends, not food, everyone please take action to stop the dog butcher trade.
Please watch video below for full story:

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