Rescue the poor dog tied with steel wire on the way to the slaughterhouse

We chance to pass a man on a bicycle on our way to work. He was carrying a dog behind his back and on his way to the market to sell them. We learnt through our talk that his family was destitute and that he needed money to feed his family, so he sold the pets in the house.

His dogs are many and every time he needs money he sells them. The man doesn’t care who buys the dog, as long as he sells them as quickly as possible. He said that the dog he was carrying was very dirty and naughty and had to be sold.
After we rescued that dog, he said the next day he would bring another dog from the house to the market for sale. We advised him to sell it to anyone who bought it but he refused to listen… poor the dogs at his house
Please watch full video as below:

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