Rescueing an unlucky kitten, crying in cold, hungry and lonely condition. It was abandoned by everyone

Today we will tell you the rescue story of an unfortunate kitten was abandoned by everyone.

It’s crying because it’s cold, hungry and lonely. Its cry can make your heart breaking. It must be very scared .
If you’re not sure whether to aid or retain an animal you encounter by the road, here’s some advice: Consider what you would like the finder of your animal to do if they discovered them injured and without their collar. Be honest with yourself in answering these questions: Are you willing to add them to your household? And will you be willing to return them to their original home if the owner turns up after you’ve started to form an attachment? If you answer “no” to these questions, your best option may be to take the animal directly to the shelter or contact animal control for assistance.
Watch video below to see full story:

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