Rescueing baby deer keeps following the man as if he was its mother

A deer doe abandoned one of her twin fawns because the fawn’s leg was wounded and he couldn’t keep up with the mother.
I am not in favor of keeping wild animals as pets, but this was an exceptional case. The newborn deer was treated and returned to her real mother.

The baby deer believes that the guy who has saved her life is his father!
Darius Sasnauskas of Lithuania observed the birth of two newborn deer in his home, not far from Yellwstne National Park in the United States.

One of them was hurt, and her relatives abandoned her since she couldn’t keep up with them. He knows she has a good chance of survival in her own, so he chooses to bring her home.

The newborn deer had regained her health, so it was time to let her go. However, she continued returning to Darius because their relationship was so strong.
The deer was properly handled, and her health has improved: Darius gave her food every four hours, and his dog licked the fawn’s face frequently.

Darius mentioned that he opposes keeping wild animals as pets.
But this was a unique situation. With so many predators around, she didn’t stand a chance. She’s already used to me and follows me… However, nobody can stand in for her real mother.
Thank you very much for rescuing this baby deer and repairing its leg, feeding and loving it until it was strong enough to be returned to its mother. Please watch this heartwarming video below and share it with your friends or family.

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