Rescueing the kitten that was thrown on the highway – Thank God The Poor Animal Was Out Of Danger

In many undeveloped countries, the population is still poor, and animals are not respected. So animals are often abandoned, live in landfills…and are not taken seriously. Today we will tell you story of a poor abandoned cat that was fortunately rescued by a kind man.

He said he saw a cat thrown out onto a street from a car. The car left shortly after.
I see the cat in that direction. Survival is weak and breathing is no longer regular.
“If you can take it to the side of the road, I’m afraid we’ll see lots of cars passing by, I’m moved to see that I saved a kitten who fainted on the side of the road, I can only say a big thank you for your concern for kittens who need help from passers-by , I hope you continue to be successful.”- A viewer comments
Pet abandonment has far-reaching implications for both the animals affected and the community. Dogs and cats who are abandoned face an unclear fate; once on the streets, they must fend for themselves and may suffer from hunger, thirst, injuries, and infections.
Please kindly take care your pets if you decide to bring up and consider them as your friends.
Watch video below:

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