Saving a neglected pup with a “monster” on her leg!

Today we will tell you rescueing story of a neglected dog with a “monster” growing on her leg.

Mary is a mastiff, which is a working dog in rural Spain. A guard dog protecting a house, a farm, or a plot of land… we seldom see a mastiff go to the vet or locate one with a microchip. They almost never have names. They are viewed as things, and so disposable.
The truth is that mastiffs like Mary are the sweetest, most noble dogs you can find, and Mary is no exception. She is immensely grateful for food, the slightest touch, for someone to actually see her as the wonderful dog that she is! Mary needs us all.
Please don’t let her size confuse you, she is as worthy as any other dog of your help. Mary needs your help and compassion today. Please watch video as below:

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