Shocking news: Israel “Whispered” to Ukraine The Most Deadliest Weap0n

Israel has one of the most powerful militaries in the world. Since 2001, the country has fought in six major wars and won every single one of them. Along with its powerful offensive capabilities, Israel’s invincibility comes from its defense.

Central to this defense has been the Iron Dome which has proven to be an impenetrable shield. Demonstrating an interception rate of up to 97%, the Iron Dome has shot down over 5,000 rockets fired into Israel, saving countless Israeli lives.
The newer Iron Beam, although yet to be introduced into service, is expected to be even more decisive than the Iron Dome, with a projected interception rate of 100%. Such highly efficient defense systems are as rare as they come and Israel’s allies are queuing up to acquire them, including Ukraine.
Since the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, senior Ukrainian officials have asked Israel to send its missile defense systems, especially the Iron Dome. These requests have so far proven futile, until now.
Watch video below:

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