Shocking to see what happens with baby when let the dog sleeping together

There are many reasons why humans and dogs share such a special bond. Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries. They were the first animals to be domesticated by humans, and have been an essential part of human society ever since. The love people have for their furry friends is unwavering.

This mom had adopted a little puppy and let him sleep with her daughter and what he did at night really surprised her. This is Scarlett Geiger, today she’s 10 years old. She’s a bright and cheerful little girl who truly loves animals and when she was just four years old, her future best friend came into her life.
Lavaski Scarlett’s parents wanted to give her a puppy. She had been asking for a pet for a long time and they liked the enormous benefits it could offer after all cuddling a pet, not only reduces stress loneliness and anxiety but feeding and caring for it also encourages childlike responsibility. They wanted to adopt a puppy from a shelter so one day, they all went to Priceless Pet Rescue.
There were lots of puppies in need of homes so Scarlett’s mother Jennifer assumed they would spend a lot of time there. But instead, Scarlett didn’t need more than a couple of seconds. As soon as she saw the little pit bull, she knew she wanted to take him home .When Scarlett met Levosky, she was four years old and he was 10 weeks old.

Jennifer explained she was smitten with his cute face and loved everything about her puppy and it seems the feeling was mutual. As soon as they brought Levoski home, he started following his big sister everywhere.

She went never wanting to leave her side and copying everything she did. They quickly became best friends and had a lot of fun together, playing dress-up, having tea parties and doing homework together. They were inseparable.

The human-animal bond is known to have a positive effect on both the person and the dog. For the person with a disability or illness, this time spent with their pet will help alleviate symptoms of their conditions. For the dog, they get to spend time with their favourite person and make someone happy—which is always a great feeling.

But there is one activity that the duo loved more than anything. To discover how the story continues, watch video below:

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