Skinny stray dog moaning in grief and how human treat him…

As pet parents, we lean on our furry family members for a lot of things. No matter whether we’re sad, angry, or just in need of a cuddle, we depend on them when we need them. They are there for us without question, and their companionship and love mean everything. That’s why when they need us, we do whatever it takes to help them.

Today we will tell you story of a puppy about how it reacts after being rescued.

This is a stray dog who almost starved to death on the street. We take Wangzi, name of the puppy, to see doctor. At the first time, it scratches himself sometimes both sides, scratches this side from the other side. There was already rotten, sometimes it scratches here.

I haven’t seen the skin like this, what other disease does it have? We have applied the medicine on it during these two days but it can’t recover like before. This dog is too poor, it keeps shaking and whimpering. We can’t imagine what it suffered before.

The hole was infected, its mouth is too dirty, its body is dirty too and it often licks its body when it feels itchy. It might be infected for this reason or it won’t be like this. I don’t know how many days it needs to recover. The color of all joints is abnormal, it’s terrible, it is festering again. I think it needs to cut off, it should use perhydrol to clean bit by bit or it won’t get better. Grow into fresh meat better than before. It’s a sensual cycle. The dirtier it is, the harder it is to wash and it will get more worse much better than before.

Due to they have lost the hug from the owner, they cherish it more. Due to they have wondered in the street, they want the home more. They describe the love in their own ways, and they just want a warm home. Caring for stray animals, caring for every life that should not be given up. Please help more and more lost animals as they really need you. Watch video below for full story:

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