So adorable! This nice picture about friendship of a cuddly dog and a dolphin goes viral on the Internet

Friendship is a great thing, no boundaries, no distance and no discrimination. This dog is hugging one of his dolphin pals. Gerald, a lovely dog, and Oma, an old dolphin companion of his, were formerly quite famous. Their touching story will undoubtedly warm your heart. The cute animal was once housed at the dolphin research center.

The adorable dog’s owner was employed by this organization, and she frequently brought Gerald along. Additionally, the dog had the chance to see his previous dolphin companion more frequently here. The dog’s response astonished its owner.

He calmly started looking around after setting the dawn. Then, at that point, she saw that each opportunity they came, Oma swam to the canine. Oma was only two months old when the owner and Gerald began visiting the adorable dolphin.

The dog was eight years old at this point, and their bond with an 11-year-old dolphin was growing stronger by the day. After being published online, this lovely tale about animals who are loyal and friendly gained a lot of popularity. On Twitter, a man uploaded pictures, which were quickly liked by over 1.2 million people. What do you think?

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