*So Kilig* To Watch Donny Pangilinan And Belle Mariano In “Never Have I Ever With Cosmo”

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano immediately gained notoriety thanks to their wildly popular series He’s Into Her. Initially, their on-screen connection was what gave them their well-deserved fame, but as fans of the love team have gotten to know them more, it’s become evident that the pair are also very close in real life.

We knew we had to make sure our Cosmo Challenge put them to the test when we had the chance to work with them to promote their most recent movie, An Inconvenient Love. Bring on the bizarrely flavored jelly beans! We hoped to discover more about the performers through a revealing game of “Never Have I Ever,” based on the challenging situations we selected.

Donny was a lot of fun to see.

Which part of the episode was your favorite, Bubblies? And what type of DonBelle content would you like to see on Cosmo next? Let us know in the comments!

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