Soulmate of Tuesday Vargas severely sick: ‘I am in pain 24/7’

MANY people were moved by Tuesday Vargas’ Christmas post on his official Facebook page.

The seasoned comedian shared a video of her godfather, Joseph Puducay, in the hospital after undergoing surgery.

The heartfelt letter to God that Joseph penned on Christmas Day is attached to the short film. This is his letter.

“It’s that time of the year again where we celebrate you dear Jesus. Thank you for the love you shower upon us and for giving me another day to celebrate your birth despite the circumstances.

“After my PEG insertion which will allow me to have feedings via tube to my stomach, it has become a little harder for me on a daily basis.

“I am in pain 24/7, I can only tolerate a few sips of water, it hurts to breathe, move, talk and the liquid diet makes me miss out on some of my favorite foods I enjoy when I was not experiencing all these.

“I know you’ve given me this day to celebrate and reflect with you. I realize that I have countless battles that make me question myself.

“Despite this, in every waking day, I feel in my heart that I always have something to be grateful for.

“This is what I face Lord and I hope you can shine your healing light upon me…

“Basically having these syndromes (NCS, MALS, SMAS, MTS) wreak havoc throughout my body. It causes compressions and makes alterations in my gastrointestinal system, circulatory system, immune system, nervous system, lymphatic system ,well almost all of my bodily systems.

“The past months I know my health is deteriorating because of these syndromes.

“My immune system is weakening, I developed autoimmune disorders, my digestive system is failing, fatigue is becoming more and more prominent and my nutrient absorption is compromised. It is apparent that my overall health is taking a nose dive.

“Aside from the debilitating symptoms, it’s rare and really hard to diagnose. I have been to several hospitals, meeting and working with dozens of medical practitioners but there seems to be no definitive treatment plan yet.

“I’m was on the verge of giving up Lord when I received a call from a surgeon who specializes on these cases and finally validated my condition.

“He wants to guide me with my situation when he gets back to the Philippines next year as he is still in the US. Tears fell but this time, from joy.

“Also as I was planning my end of life care, a person who I ordered my meal from (replacement shakes to supplement my nutrition), wanted me to give treatment and management another shot.

“Turns out, this person is a doctor as well and she’s the one who introduced me to this new team of doctors who are willing to give me a fighting chance in life.

“They didn’t promise a cure, but they said they will do everything to help me manage my condition and have a better quality of life. They said It’s not gonna be easy but hopefully it’s gonna be worth it.

“All these new professionals helping me now is more than a welcomed gift for the holidays and I thank you Lord for letting us cross each other’s paths.

“I’m post op right now. They said It won’t fix the compressions but it should help with nutrition and absorption so that in the long run hopefully when time comes for surgery my body is ready.

“Everything hurts right now Lord.But I know you gave me this time to develop a deeper relationship with you, to talk, pray, reflect, confess and appreciate the journey. Christmas eve spent on my hospital bed with the people that I love is so different from the many celebrations we’ve had as a family.

“Still my heart is filled with hope because I have a strong support system behind me as I battle this. I would like to thank Dr. Domingo Alvear, my medical team (Dra. Agnes Perez Cubillas-Torres , Dr. Ruter Maralit, Dra. Siosion, Dr. Resurrecion) I place my well being in your capable hands.

“I thank all of my friends and loved ones who contributed funds and will still contribute, my gratitude goes to all of you for constantly sending good thoughts and healing light our way. I love you guys! I appreciate this more than you know.

“Behind all this Lord, is you. The chance meetings of people that can help, the medical findings that inch their way towards clarity on my condition, the love I feel from friends and family- This is your handiwork.

“And today Christmas day, I surrender myself to you. Hold me in your power Lord and heal me. I still have a long way to go but with you in my life and all the other good things going for me, I know I will come out of this victorious.

“Your son, Joseph.”

That’s Joseph’s very emotional letter to God that garnered positive messages.

“Praying for both of you, mars.”

“Sending love and prayers.”

“Sending healing blessings.”

“A big hug to you guys. You are with us in our prayers. Stay strong. Fight.”

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