Special Tips That US Pilots Apply to Land During Severe Storms

Helicopters were invented around the same time as the airplane and entered military service just as quickly. With their ability to hover, travel at low speeds, and land and take off from virtually, anywhere militaries worldwide were quick to realize the helicopter’s potential as a transport and wea.pons platform.

There are some things in aviation that are not useful to pilots. The runway behind us, the height above us and the fuel in the tanker. We only have one chance to load more fuel. After liftoff, we had a limited amount of time to find an airstrip to land on. Therefore, deciding how much fuel to use is absolutely critical.

There are multiple vessels in the U.S Navy Fleet capable of carrying helicopters with aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships being the most common.

lpds or landing platform docks are also equipped with a range of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft including MV-22 Ospreys and ch-53 Super Stallions. The latter are powerful lift copters capable of carrying weapons cargo and personnel from ship to shore and back.

Issues landing during rough weather are not something limited to just U.S Naval. Helicopters ready this Danish mh-60r Seahawk is attempting to land Atop, The Deck of a Thedas Class Arctic Patrol ship. They are located near an archipelago called the Faroe Islands where the Atlantic North Sea and Norwegian sea meet. Please watch video below:

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