StormBreaker: US Most ᴅᴇᴀᴅʟʏ ʙᴏᴍʙ That Terrifies Russia

The Stormbreaker is one ωєαρσи that shouldn’t exist but has managed to change modern warfare as we know it. It is the second version of a ʙᴏᴍʙ whose first version, if it went according to plan, would not have needed a sequel.

But due to a scandal involving the then Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition and Management, Darleen Druyun, this wasn’t the case. She deleted a vital requirement from the development of the Small Diameter ʙᴏᴍʙ, which favored her future employer, Boeing.
Until she was sent to prison, Darleen was a high-profile figure at the Air Force. She oversaw the awarding of the Pentagon’s biggest contract ever, a $200 billion deal with Lockheed to build the Joint Strike Fighter, now the F-22 Raptor. So a scandal involving her was always going to be a big deal, one that required about $450 million to fix, in the form of an entirely new program.
This program would develop a new ʙᴏᴍʙ that empties Darleen’s Recycle Bin to satisfy the deleted requirement and become the Air Force’s first-ever network-enabled ʙᴏᴍʙ capable of linking with satellites in Space to deal unspeakable damage to targets with the precision of a sniper bullet. This new ʙᴏᴍʙ is the Stormbreaker.
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