Story Of A Wonderful Girl Who Adopting 4 Newborn Abandoned Kittens

There are lots of animals out there that really needs human helps. Lily is one of a kind girl who are willing to help the abandoned animals with great efforts. Today in this post we will tell all of you about the story of journey this girl save little friends.

Hello everyone… I am Lily from Indonesia. On October 2019 I just returned to my homeland from United Arab Emirates. For more than 20 years I worked abroad In Abu Dhabi city. I love animals, there I feed stray cats on the streets every day. 10 to 20 cats I feed every day in around my apartment. And that’s all I use my personal money. And also I rescued two cats Clara and Toby from the streets. Until finally Clara gave birth to 5 cutes kittens. Now in my homeland I’m continue my mission to help abandoned animals who need help.

Two weeks ago, it was early in the morning around 6 a.m. I got a call from one of my neighbors saying she had found 4 motherless newborn kittens and thought they had been rained on since last night.
That morning too she did not hear any sound there. She intended to throw the sack away, when she lifted the sack, she was very surprised. I asked my neighbor to dry the kittens using a tissue, because, my leg hurt when I squat. Unfortunately, two of kittens were unable to live, only two left. Hope they will always be healthy until they grow up.
Sometimes, animals really need our help. Fortunately there are many heroes around ready to save weak creatures. The work your local shelter does may be hindered by an outdated animal control ordinance or, for municipal shelters, an inadequate budget. You can help by rallying support from your elected officials and working with shelter and rescue leaders to make necessary changes.
Please watch video for full story:

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