Story of Panchito, A Poor Dog With Skin Disease And Bad Life In Old House With Heartless Owner

Today we will share with you story of Panchito and how he was rescued.

“Panchito was saved by me directly in the house he lived in. He had an owner, but I believed living there was like a jail. I saw him fall due to his owner’s neglect, and I couldn’t take the notion of leaving him to his destiny.
Panchito required hill’s A/D, ultra 7 cream, hemolitan, Mirrapel, nexgard, and a comfortable bed at the time.”
Every day Panchito was treated and recovered That day he had to go to the doctor, his wound was drying. If he took the medicine diligently in a short time, his skin would heal again I was imagining Panchito walking proudly with silky white hair. Oh, how happy that was.
That day he was injected with nexgard A new bed was a reward for Panchito after nearly 1 month of treatment The fat boy very satisfied with the new bed He curled up on it, breathed in the scent and didn’t want to leave Panchito was healthier and more beautiful every day He was carefree, ran around everywhere and ate and slept on time The boy was enjoying life with his smiling eyes.


Panchito inspired me to work harder in order to save underprivileged animals. Visit our website for more moving stories like this. Thank you so much!

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