Stray Dog Was Freezing To And Luckily This Couple Appeared

On a snowy night, a couple were on their way to the grocery store when they found a helpless dog on the side of the road, buried in the snow, shivering in pain.

Looking down from their home atop the mountainous and snowy terrain in Bulgaria, Stoyan pitied the stray animals stranded out in the cold. And just as he made his way to the nearest grocery store, he saw a shivering little dog blanketed in snow. He immediately hurried home to grab a warm blanket and call his wife Dessy for help. But when he returned, the sight literally made him teary-eyed.

The poor dog limped down the snowy path with every bit of strength he could. He looked scared, helpless, and abandoned.

It was snowing mercilessly, and everything as far as the eyes could see was capped in white. The dog was restless and let out a painful bark when Stoyan tried to touch him.

The couple realized the dog could’ve hurt his back leg and carefully tried to wrap him in the blanket again. But the frightened dog refused to allow them to grab him.

The frightened dog refused to allow Stoyan to touch him | Source: YouTube/PawMeow
The frightened dog refused to allow Stoyan to touch him
Stoyan gently pulled the blanket over the dog and picked him up. Her car was buried in snow, so he took the furball home. When he got home, he gently placed the dog on the floor and lifted the blanket to examine it. The snow had melted on his fur, and he was drenched from the space heater. You could see the emotional scars in his eyes. Dessy turns on the blow dryer to dry the dog’s fur while patting him gently to keep him from panicking. Due to his painful past, the dog was too exhausted to get up or even look at a human again.
Moments later, the pup felt comforted and reassured he was now in safe hands. Dessy tried feeding him some immune stimulant, but the dog refused to eat any.

He looked hungry but wouldn’t eat anything until Dessy tried treating him with sausages. Surprisingly, he seemed to love them and snacked the treat. Dessy thought the dog realized they meant him no harm.

Every time the dog stared at the couple, his eyes were filled with hope and made it evident how he yearned for love and family. But before deciding on what to do with him next, Stoyan and Dessy had another important mission ahead of them—arranging an appointment with their vet.

After the weather cleared up slightly, the couple took the dog to the vet and returned home. Dessy decides to call him “Koki” and is more than willing to give him shelter. Dessy would often lure Koki to the backyard with a few pieces of sausage until he found the exact spot to do his business. Stoyan and Dessy discover the dog was abused and abandoned by his previous owner. You could see the emotional scars in his eyes. After much deliberation, the couple decided to find someone who would love them forever.
Stoyan and Dessy claimed Koki needn’t worry anymore about being mistreated again as they’d found a very kind woman who offered to adopt and take good care of him. They stated that they were thankful to Koki for teaching them how to be better people.
“We should never pass by an animal in need…as we may be his last chance to survive,” they captioned in the viral video.

Stoyan and Dessy call themselves “an ordinary” couple from Bulgaria, but the million hearts they’ve won believe they’re a twosome of some bigger dreams and newer hopes towards humanity.

Check out the incredible progress Koki has shown after being rescued by the kind couple!

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