Street dogs saved a blind elderly woman fell by the river and covered in mud

Dogs are, without a shadow of a doubt, the most helpful creatures that inhabit the world. This tale demonstrates that even if they are without a home, they do not have a concept of what it is to be selfish.

Photographer Ake Srisuwan, who lives in Thailand, posted some breathtaking pictures of stray dogs watching over an elderly lady as she lay in the dirt close to a river on his Facebook page. When the guy initially saw the lady and the two dogs, he thought that they were playing or doing something similar, but after giving them a closer look, he discovered that the woman had been injured.

The photographer quickly discovered that the lady was unable to see and that she was impoverished. In addition to that, she made the decision to spend the night by the river with these two amazing dogs. After seeing this, the guy decided to seek medical attention for both the lady and the dogs by taking them to a hospital.

We are very fortunate that the woman’s story was picked up by the media and that it spurred the authorities to aid her in finding a home for both of her cats as well as for herself! What a great way to wrap things up!

Watch in video below to see this story:

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