Strong Dad Makes A Heartwarming Decision On Wedding Ceremony When Realising He Only Has 2 Months Left

A father’s love is something that many children long for and cherish. One dad from Pennsylvania always made sure his kids knew he was proud of them, and when a life-altering diagnosis shocked his family, he did something heartwarming.

Ken McHugh and his wife Tammy were a happy couple who have fond memories with their four children. They never imagined that life as they knew it would change forever, but things did change when Ken was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. Illness and a two-year life expectancy encouraged Ken to check things off his bucket list. He went on an African safari and visited various parts of Europe. One thing, however, he’s been putting off on his dad’s list: writing farewell letters to his beloved children.

Ken dreamed of seeing his three daughters and one son get married in the future. When his health condition became increasingly worse, he did something brave. With the help of his family and a non-profit charity, Team CMMD, they organized an unforgettable event—a wedding ceremony.

That day, the father had the chance to walk his children down the aisle and also gave each of them a letter. He admitted struggling over what to write; it was an emotional realization, knowing he wouldn’t be there on their wedding days.

It Was a Tear-Jerking Experience

Ken was grateful for the opportunity to give his kids away and ensure they knew how he felt about them. The dad started each letter the same way: “I have a secret to tell you. You’re my favorite.”

The sentence made his kids laugh, but the rest of the letters included affirmations for each child, along with a description of just how much he loved them. It was a tear-jerking experience but one they wouldn’t have forgone for anything in the world.

Ken didn’t want his family to worry after his death. His only son, Dylan, had already taken on the role of man of the house, but the father was sad because he wouldn’t be around to provide for his loved ones.

On October 3, 2015, daughters Samantha, Dylan, Julia, and Kathryn were separately escorted down the aisle by their beloved father, who handed them all to God and the new families waiting for them in the future.

Ken was in awe of the beautiful celebration arranged in his honor and for the sake of his family. The girls looked stunning, while his son looked dapper in a suit. Amid the heartache of the day, there was also immense joy. Ken said:

“It just knocks me over. It’s more than I ever imagined. It’s absolutely beautiful; it’s bittersweet.”

Ken spoke from the front of the altar, encouraging his family to push ahead after his passing. He didn’t want them to mourn because there was a long and happy life ahead of them. The kids cried, but many of the tears were from gratitude.

They were thankful for the special memory and the years they did have with their father. Mom Tammy also had a heartwarming moment during the ceremony when she and Ken renewed their vows after 20 years of marriage. Ken expressed:

“It was very remarkable. I don’t know if everyone cries when they’re renewing their vows, but the both of us sure did.”

Tammy couldn’t believe her children had smiles on their faces throughout the wedding day. Nobody mentioned Ken’s cancer, and the dad couldn’t hide his pride.

Seeing his kids grow and reach for their dreams will always be his most outstanding achievement. He knew the wedding ceremony would be etched into their hearts forever, and he added:

“I think when they look back, they’ll go to that in times of need and happiness. When they go to it, it will be to seek reassurance, the belief that I have of them.”

Ken didn’t want his family to worry after his death. His only son, Dylan, had already taken on the role of man of the house, but the father was sad because he wouldn’t be around to provide for his loved ones.

However, a GoFundMe page he created saw thousands of dollars raised for the family to assist with the kids’ schooling and other needs. The children had high aspirations, and Ken was thankful for every donation. He passed away in December 2015, two months after the beautiful wedding celebration. Losing a parent is painful, and something loved ones will always think about. Hopefully, the memories made during the emotional wedding ceremony will remain alive in the hearts and minds of Ken’s kids. 

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