Surprising to welcome a unique green puppy in Canada…

It’s easy to see why Trevor Mosher and Audra Rhys named their new pup Fiona after the ogre princess from the Shrek movies after getting their first glimpse of the dog’s fur. Freya, a three-year-old valley bull terrier owned by Rhys and Mosher, is said to have given birth to seven healthy puppies on Jan. 27 in Nova Scotia, all of which are doing well

The bulldog gave birth to one more puppy not long after Freya settled down to take a nap with her new litter. Unlike the other puppies, this tiny dog was born with a black sac around him instead of a translucent one.

Before the last puppy moving and making noise, Rhys and Mosher were concerned something was wrong with it. The last puppy was being wiped off when the pair saw that the dog’s light fur had a vivid green color.

“We googled it,’my puppy is green, what’s wrong,’ and it turns out that it is really unusual, though it has happened a few times all over the world,” Mosher told Global News.

CNN reports that in rare cases, light-colored dogs are born green. This is most likely the result of exposure to biliverdin, a green pigment present in bile when the dog was still in the womb. Before the puppy is born, the pigment dyes its coat, and the color ages as the dog grow older.

According to Rhys, the green puppy Freya shares with her American bulldog Loki is healthy and has begun to lose some of its unusual color and is now “a touch of lime green.” What do you think of this green dog? Have you ever seen a green dog in your life? Please let us know and don’t forget to spread the word so we can hear from more people.
Life is so fascinating, right? If you still cannot believe that this is real, watch video below for more information:

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