Swag pet Everyone Wish To Have: A Stray dog follows marine over 70 miles in the wilderness

All over the world, dogs and humans have formed strong friendships. From the comfort of your couch to a distant battlefield, dogs exude a truly noble spirit given the opportunity.

Experiencing danger and close encounters with death together gets people closer. This is especially true for the military members who are deployed in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. However, this isn’t only true for fellow soldiers, but the animals they get to meet in these distant countries too.

In a worn-torn country of Iraq, a homeless dog waited for someone to show him love. He had been stabbed, had his ears chopped off, and had no name but he still had hope that someone would save him.
Someone came one day with three Humvees and stopped in the desert where the dogs were. Major Brian Dennis, a Marine, noticed the dog and approached it. He quickly gained the dog’s trust and shared his food with a hungry puppy he named Nubs.
“As soon as I met him, he just kind of jumped up and I started playing with him,” Dennis said. “The first time we ever met, he just kind of flipped over. I started rubbing his belly. Really, my whole team, we just kind of bonded with him as soon as we met him.”
Nubs wounds were treated and for the first time in his life, he had a warm bed, meals, and love. He grew to love the Major but fate had other plans for the new friends. Major Dennis had to move on to a new outpost and Nubs was not allowed to go with him.
The situation didn’t stop the loyal Nubs from following his fellow marines. Despite the cold, Nabs followed his Humvee 75 miles across the desert, determined to stay with Major Dennis.
“That’s the big mystery. No one really knows how he did it,” Dennis said. “But he saw the direction we went, and he just took off in the direction we went; 70, 75 miles or so is how far he ended up walking, and he found our team. It was just the craziest thing when he walked up. It was just amazing.”
“One of my Marines came running in and told me, ‘You’re not going to believe who’s outside.’ I thought he’s talking about a person. I’m like, ‘Who’s outside?’ He’s like, ‘Nubs is outside.’”
Despite the pet ban, Marines Nubs built a kennel and kept him there. All was going well until someone complained through the chain of command and Major Dennis was ordered to dismantle the nukes. Not wanting to be parted from this brave dog, he begins planning to transport the Nubs to San Diego. The plan was expensive and complicated to implement, but with the help of fellow Marines, they began raising money and connecting people who could help.
In March 2008 Nubs flew to his new forever home. A month later, Dennis followed him. Nubs has since passed away but his amazing story of the importance of saving these dog’s lives and there was even a book written about him, Nubs, the True Story of a Mutt, Marine, and a Miracle. Please watch video below:

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