Thanks to the unique wheelchair, this little lamb can stand on her own for the first time

Life can be difficult for animals with disabilities that struggle to get around on their own. But, thankfully, there are good people willing to step up and help, using a little creativity to offer these creatures with the freedom they require.

A charitable group recently provided a personalized wheelchair to a young lamb in order to help her live. Kicki was born on a farm but struggled to live after her mother rejected her. Lambs rely on their mothers for nourishment, and her rejection left her emaciated and unable to move on her own.

Thankfully, the group took the lamb in, promising to give her a second chance. While the lamb has overcome obstacles and is receiving excellent care, her rescuers understood she wouldn’t be safe until she was able to stand on her own.

‘She has spent much of her early life lying down and can only rest on one side of her body, causing excruciating pressure sores to emerge,’ according to the blog post.

Thankfully, the charity was able to assist her by outfitting her with a harness. Being able to stand on her own two feet is such a big step!’ While the recovery procedure will be lengthy, her caregivers are overjoyed and pleased with the lamb’s development.

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