The Craziest Future Mɪssɪʟᴇs Ever

Between video games and movies, anything sci-fi and futuristic is all the rage. Combine this with the world’s love of extreme weaponry and you have yourself the perfect combination for an explosive wave of ideas. Let’s take a look at what creative weaponry engineers of the world have come up with to satisfy our insatiable love for the insane.

Known as the extreme accuracy tasked ordnance, the exacto sniper rifle doesn’t shoot what you think it does. Instead of razors, this rifle shoots bullets that self steer to the enemy. The future military could take on the role of the infamous soldier. 76 soldiers ultimate these DARPA created bullets can track down moving enemies even when they’re actively changing their location. This allows for the smart gun to automatically make the corrections that a soldier may typically have to make with a manual gun in order to hit their target. In doing so, more soldiers can be placed on sniper duty and be more useful when they’re deployed. This next insane military creation is one that may not be so far into the future.
In March of 2018, Boeing began working on a patent for a type of force field that could aid soldiers on their dangerous endeavors. Unlike games like Call of Duty or Apex Legends, a soldier wouldn’t have to hit a button to activate the force field. The mechanism would be so smart that it could detect blasts and automatically deploy the shield.
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