The “Iron Heart” Jake Cuenca explains why he breaks into tear after ending up with Kylie Versoza

Jake Cuenca has clarified the facts behind an emotional selfie of himself that was posted on social media in April 2022, eight months after his breakup with Kylie Versoza.

In a lengthy Instagram post from last April 23, Cuenca acknowledged his split with Versoza, emphasizing that they didn’t “part up in fury.” On the day of the news, he posted a picture of himself on his Instagram Stories crying about their breakup.

The “Iron Heart” actor admitted that his breakup with Versoza is still painful for him in an episode of “The Interviewer,” uploaded on The Boy Abunda Talk Channel on Wednesday, Dec. 21.

“[What hurts me are] the memories because in the past few months, I didn’t shy away from what I was going through. I didn’t really build a wall, I allowed myself to go through the pain,” he said. “If you’re asking [about the breakup with Verosza and] what hurts me, yeah.”

Cuenca didn’t explicitly mention Versoza during the interview, but he noted that he doesn’t regret his love for the actress-turned-beauty queen.

“When it comes to love, you can’t really regret things. When it was there, it made me very happy. Now that it’s not there, I can’t hate it or I can’t get mad at it. I can only just look back at it with joy but it also makes me sad since it’s not there anymore,” he said.

When asked about his tearful selfie, the actor said he was going through “pain and loss” when it was posted on his Instagram Stories.

“I think that was an accumulation of a lot of things that happened to me during the pandemic. In a weird way, it was a reset for me. Then, I told myself that I wanted this year to be a re-introduction of what I can do as an actor,” he added.

Cuenca also revealed during the interview that he’s currently focusing on his acting career and family for now.

The actor and Versoza were in a relationship for three years prior to their split.

Cuenca stars as Robert in the 48th Metro Manila Film Festival entry “My Father, Myself,” alongside Dimples Romana, Sean de Guzman, and Allan Paule.

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