The mother dog is making efforts to cover the sunlight for her 1 days old puppies under very hot weather and begging for help!

A close to skeletal mama delivered her babies in a field of stickers and dry grass
All alone trying to keep her babies safe when she herself was barely surviving
I had to use a snare and get her first.

A young boy named Carlos helped along with his mom and Dad This little family had been out in the heat all day and her babies didn’t look good Second trip to a hospital driving as fast as I could praying the whole time they would make it
I’m grateful that Dr stiles and Roxanne the office manager took this family late in the day As soon as mama was in my vehicle she laid her exhausted head down by her babies and closed her eyes in relief Once I had them settled in the hospital she knew she was safe and laid her precious head down and closed her eyes ….
Big thanks to the rescuer. Please watch video as below:

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