The story of The Magic: Alaskan Mom Makes Gorgeous ‘Princess’ Wigs for Little Girls Who Have No Hair

After an Alaskan woman made a princess wig for her friend’s daughter, at the urging of her friend, she decided to make a similar one for her child with cancer. Little does she know that her passion project will soon be the talk of the town.

Holly Christensen always had a soft corner for children with life-changing illnesses since she had worked as a cancer nurse. She had closely seen children undergoing painful therapies that would make them lose all of their hair.

The Palmer, Alaska mom said working in the cancer ward had changed her life. One day, she learned that a friend’s daughter would lose her beautiful hair after undergoing chemotherapy, which made Christensen come up with a brilliant idea to cheer up the little girl.

In 2014, Christensen’s friend from nursing school told her that her 2.5-year-old daughter, Lily, was diagnosed with cancer. “I knew that Lily had a difficult battle ahead,” the former nurse recalled.

Thinking about Lily made Christensen sad because she knew the little girl would feel heartbroken after losing her beautiful blond curls. As a mother of daughters, Christensen could understand the feelings Lily would undergo. She said:

“[Lily is] such a girly girl and loves princesses and is about to lose her long beautiful hair.”

What Christensen did next was the perfect thing she could do to make Lily feel better. She created a Rapunzel-inspired wig from yarn she learned to design while making Halloween costumes for her daughters.
“Lily loved her wig…..and so did the other little girls at Lily’s cancer center!” she revealed. On her friend’s suggestion, Christensen made a few more wigs for other girls in the hospital, and there was no turning back.
Soon, she was getting inquiries from families wanting wigs. After Christensen had to set up a studio due to a sudden increase in her workload, she heard from people wanting to help. According to Christensen, the reason her wigs are so popular is because of the material she makes them from. As a result of working closely with cancer patients, she is well aware of the effects of chemotherapy.

She revealed that the cancer treatments made skin sensitive, which made it difficult for children to wear regular wigs. In contrast, yarn wigs were much softer and didn’t irritate the skin.

After receiving overwhelming requests, Christensen gave her noble cause a wonderful name: The Magic Yarn Project. She even made a page on GoFundMe to raise funds for her project.

The donations helped Christensen buy supplies and make beautiful wigs for little girls to make them feel pretty. She has designed wigs inspired by the main characters of Disney’s “Frozen,” and plans to create wigs inspired by other famous Disney princesses.

Christensen enjoyed making wigs for girls with cancer, but she didn’t know that many people would soon be reaching out to help. Women from prisons in Alaska and Utah also offered to help Christensen make wigs.
“To bring a little bit of magic into such a difficult time in their life is so rewarding. It’s almost equally been so rewarding and magical to meet people who want to help.”
Allowing volunteers to work with her meant Christensen had to teach them the art of making wigs. So she held several workshops for her volunteers and even uploaded tutorials to the internet.

In a world full of chaos, kind-hearted women like Christensen are hard to find. We hope her passion project continues to make beautiful wigs for little warriors going through the worst phase of their lives.

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