The US Military Is Assumed To Spend $800B Per Year On War Machines And Here is The True Cost…

The US spends more on its military that the following nine nations combined. Both its aircraft carrier and F-35 programs have run well over budget, while America continues to develop next-generation weapo.n for Ukraine’s battlefields.

In 2021 the U.S military budget crossed the 800 billion dollar mark that’s more than the next nine largest militaries combined so it’s no surprise that America with all that money to spend has the most expensive war machines on the planet.

Take its latest aircraft carrier which comes in at a cool 13.3 billion dollars. It’s taken so long to build that five years after its commissioning the USS Ford is still not fully battle ready and what about the 1.7 trillion dollar F-35 fighter program?

The U.S Air Force recently grounded its entire fleet of fighters for broken ejection seats. Some of America’s war machines are currently in action in Ukraine like Javelin anti-tank missiles, Howitzer artillery cannons and drones too. Like these, California made switchblade loitering munitions. The bill for America’s latest war tech could run into the trillions of dollars but let’s take a closer look at their true cost. Watch video below to know:

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