The Wᴇᴀᴘᴏɴ That Terrifies NATO

As the globe was seized by the cold fingers of the Cold War, the Soviet Union raced to expand its arsenal of devastation, while the US and Europe hastened to create their own weapons to repel the possibility of an enemy strike.

Soon, almost every warhead and launching system could fire nuclear weapons and conventional ammunition, drawing the world closer to a nuclear war. During this time, the Soviets constructed a particularly dreadful nuclear-capable cruise missile that would be designated by NATO as the Sunburn.
Concocted as an anti-ship missile, the supersonic ramjet-powered projectile was a fearsome seaborne weapon capable of obliterating entire enemy fleets. By combining a sea-skimming flight pattern with Mach 3 speeds, the Soviet warhead was virtually immune to interception, something that seriously alarmed the powers of NATO.
But as the world-threatening technology was deployed for the first time, it would be suddenly challenged not only by the NATO allies but from within the Soviet Union itself… Please watch video below to see more:

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