The World’s Most Powerful Laser Weap0n In US, Did you know about it?

The world’s most powerful laser w̴e̴a̴p̴o̴n̴ is ready to make an explosive debut. Only now has the globe agreed to spend a record-breaking $2 trillion dollars on military spending. The US alone makes up 38% of that and it seems that’s how much it takes to develop a laser w̴e̴a̴p̴o̴n̴ that’s ahead that of rival near-peer nations including Russia and China, who both combined, along with the other top three, make up $1.24 trillion of that global expenditure, a dominating 62%.

At this point, it’s clear; the race to the world’s most powerful laser weapon has heated up and the only way to win is by doing what the US has done.
First, taking general look at the abilities of this weapon that shoots invisible shots and has managed to steal the attention of the world’s most powerful nations from faster supersonic fighters and hypersonic missiles to one that can take out million-dollar missiles at the cost of an average $3, literally.
Watch video as below:

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