These tiny puppies have been through lots of things but they are still delighted…

There were times when I had to confront life under adversity. This was the situation with these adorable pups. They were too little to have witnessed everything. Nothing is more painful than hunger and desertion. Look just how desperate they become when they notice a little packet of food.

And even in that situation, the four of them still ran to my side, smiling happily We really needed your help to save this family. Of course we brought their whole family, I would never leave anyone behind. I didn’t know how to deal with these little creatures in dire need of help So many people left in the b of nowhere, it was inexplicable! All of them have been hospitalized
They still needed to do tests to find out if they had any skin problems, tick diseases Besides anemia, dehydration and worm disease, did they have any other diseases? It was our first medicated bath that day, to get rid of some dirt, scabs, and itchiness. Skin scraping was positive for demodex. The children also suffer from otitis media, severe infections, anemia, dyschromia, dehydration. They all hospitalized and had started treatment That day the doctor repeated the test to assess the degree of blood infection
The results were still standing still and the doctor decided to change the antibiotic to save the situation Hey guys, it was hot in here and there was nothing better than a cool shower and then a soak Many people felt scared when interacting with these children but I thought they were very cute and approachable No matter how much they suffer, they were still happy and playing like real puppies Although the mother was very scared, she also began to accept a little affection. Let’s start the day with joy.
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