They Are Billion-dollar Systems US build to protect against Enemy Drones in Middle of the Ocean!

Over the past 30 years, warfare has become more and more automated. Perhaps the best example of this is the increased use of drones of all sizes and shapes. Modern drones can attack defend perform reconnaissance and accomplish a wide range of other missions with minimal human intervention. This new threat has forced militaries worldwide to devise new ways to protect themselves from these enemy drones. One of the best examples of this is the falling ciws, an abbreviation for close-in weap0n system.

Typically mounted aboard a ship, the system consists of a powerful 20 millimeter Vulcan Cannon. Mounted aboard a swiveling base, it can detect and counter-rocket artillery mortar and drone attacks using sophisticated tracking and computer systems.

Fire anywhere between 3 000 and 4500 rounds per minute and has a maximum firing range of up to six thousand yards.

The felling ciws preceded the Drone Revolution by more than a decade as it is also extremely effective against incoming missiles fast boats and other threats.

In fact, the United States Navy has installed a fouling sun virtually every class of surface combat ship. Due to the multiple sophisticated machineries and electronics pieces, fouling systems need to be calibrated frequently. To see more please watch video below:

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