They Were Warned Not to Adopt This Sad Dog but They Kept These Words Out Of Their Mind And This Is The Surprising Result

All over the world there are thousands of dogs that sadly end up in animal shelters each year. These dogs sit and wait patiently for their new forever families to find and adopt them. However, not every pup gets that second chance.

And it becomes even harder to find a new home when even the staff of the shelter are warning off potential adopters. As this one dog found out for himself.

During lockdown, lots of people were looking to adopt new pets such as cats and dogs to keep them company in their homes. Jessica Williams and her boyfriend Jared were one such couple. They had recently moved into a new apartment together and seeing as they were both animal lovers.

They had decided to adopt a dog of their own.

Both Jessica and Jared had grown up with adorable loving pooches when they were just children. The two could each remember how much their respective pets had loved them and they both knew that their home was incomplete without a bundle of fur and love running around the place.

One night as Jessica was looking through the different shelters near her home. She stumbled across one located in Los Angeles, curious to see what kind of dogs were being held there. Jessica clicked on the website only to find herself heartbroken at one of the profiles. The dog that had caught her attention was a small crossbreed of some kind but the thing that really stood out was his profile picture in it. See full story at video below:

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