This 9-year-old boy started helping and feeding sᴛʀᴀʏ animals and now he already has his own shelter at the age of 13

Kenny is 13 years old and runs his own animal sanctuary. It goes without saying, however, that establishing a sanctuary for sᴛʀᴀʏ dogs and cats required time. On his way to school when Kenny was nine years old, he observed a gang of stray dogs. The youngster wanted to help them.

Kenny started collecting the money his parents gave him for his pocket. He did this to purchase dog food for strays. The young man fed a group that lived nearby his school. Naturally, a nine-year-old child just would not be able to conceal from his parents for an extended period of time that he does not spend any money on food in the school cafeteria.

Kennie’s father eventually followed his son. The man was moved and proud when he saw the boy doing what he was doing. He took a number of pictures and shared them online. Because little Kenny did such good things, people started sending him donations of animals.

The shelter was established by these actions. In 2014, Kennie’s shelter opened. The shelter, which was started by a child with help from parents and donations from social media, is a real help. Thank you so much for the kindness!

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