This angel puppy saved two little sisters’ life when they were lost in the forest

The fact that the dog is man’s best friend is undeniable when you consider the many incredible stories of dogs saving people’s lives. Here below is a heart-warming story that a dog saved two little sisters who were lost in the forest.

This story takes place in New Orleans during a time when children were playing in the yard, but after a while, the girls calmed down.

They had vanished when the mother went outside to investigate the situation.

The woman immediately dialed the local phone number, and a search team of more than a hundred people assembled immediately. Volunteers have also agreed to help, and drones and even helicopters have been used. Five hours were spent looking.

The sisters and the canine were found in the woods, around 2 km from the house. The devoted dog kept an eye on the children and protected them. When Ante heard people coming, he let them know right away, which helped the search team find the people. With one arm, Aby held Ante and the other, her sister.

Cecile also was asleep on the dog’s back. They were about to sleep in the forest for the night. We just sat silently and hugged. The family is very thankful to the dog Ante for always being there and protecting the girls. What do you think? Share with us.

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