This couple adored their twins, but then the doctor had to say sorry because….

This couple was living their normal life, one day they found out they were expecting another child, they were very excited. When the big day finally arrived, their doctor gave them some important news. This couple adored their twins, but the doctor told them sorry, this diagnosis would change their lives and this is their story.

Matt and Jody Padin, Jody a police employee and Matt a civil servant, married in 2007 after years of dating. Shortly after getting married, the happy couple decided they wanted to start a family.

In 2009, they had their first son, Finlay. Matt and Jody were thrilled with the birth of Finlay, as they had expanded their family and were very happy. Raising their son made them immensely happy. Finlay was the perfect son for them, he was adorable and playful. While raising him the couple decided it was time to expand even more, unfortunately this time it wasn’t easy.

In 2010 Jody became pregnant with their second child, the couple were overjoyed and ready to conquer the world. However, that joy would soon turn to sadness as the pregnancy ended abruptly when Jody had a miscarriage. The distraught couple decided that they would never try for a baby again, as the miscarriage caused them to suffer greatly.

Instead, they focused on raising their precious son. Finlay was only a year old at the time, he didn’t really understand what was going on. Jody and Matt recovered from the tragedy and found a new path. A year later, in 2011 the couple decided to try again to have another baby, they were very hopeful and optimistic.

Matt and Jody were convinced that this time everything would go better, they always thought that staying positive was going to be the
most important thing. Finally, their positivity would not be in vain, their brave decision was quickly rewarded, as Jody became pregnant. This time they were not only overwhelmed with joy, but especially Jody was also a little afraid of what might come.

This, of course, is logical when you have experienced trauma. The first few months of a pregnancy are always filled with many questions and doubts. Jody was afraid to allow herself to be happy, because she didn’t know if this time the baby would survive. Memories of her previous pregnancy were starting to come back, and she didn’t know if she was ready to do it again.

Luckily, she had an incredible support system, especially Matt. All Jody could think about was how much fun and delightful it would be for her son Finlay to have a sibling to love and grow up with. But the story does not come to an end, the tragedy that this couple has to go through is bigger. Please watch video above for full story. Thank you!

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