This Dog Almost Died And Noone Cares About It But One Does

In different parts of the world, stray animals live on the streets. Each day, they go out in search of food while hoping someone would give them a forever home. Luckily, some of them get adopted. Unfortunately, some never get rescued and they continue living in miserable conditions. They never get to eat great meals, sleep on warm beds and enjoy cuddles from their owners. Sadly, they pass away without ever getting to experience the beauty the world has to offer. One such Pup, Hercules lived as a stray on the streets of Argentina, and it was this animal that came so close to losing his life.

Once upon a time, he had loving parents who lavished him with lots of love and affection. Hercules’s owners a young couple adopted him when their marriage was on the brink of falling apart. They had issues conceiving so they thought having a dog whom they could care for would bring them closer. As soon as Hercules got to the couple’s home, the constant fights decreased. The couple took good care of the pup and each night, Hercules slept in between them. Unfortunately, a few months later the arguments started again and soon enough, the couple realized that they would be happier if they weren’t together so one day, the wife left the house and never returned.
The following month, the husband could no longer live in the house too. He was haunted by the memories of his wife so he left the house leaving the poor dog behind. The couple didn’t think how the dog would survive without them. They forgot that he was once their source of happiness. Sadly they were only concerned about their pains and struggles so Hercules now alone went into the streets to fend for himself. At first people were kind to the stray because he looked cute and healthy so they would often give him food but when he started losing weight and looking scraggly people started chasing him away. They no longer wanted him around. As time passed, it became more and more difficult for Hercules to survive on the street.
Sadly the weather wasn’t favorable and it didn’t take long before the pup caught a cold infection. Hercules started sleeping in warm but dirty environments. Unfortunately this only worsened his condition and he developed a severe skin condition. The poor animal started to lose all of his hair afterward he no longer had the strength to go out to search for food so he stayed in a spot and spent the whole day scratching his body in a month or so the animals condition deteriorated. He became so skinny and all he could do was lay in a spot waiting for his end.

What happened to this poor dog? Please watch this video for full story of Hercules:

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