This dog lived with a person who was homeless. He no longer likes to do this one thing.

We live in BC in Canada. The rescuer they were able to foster him and then get him on his way. Up here, due to overpopulation there with the shelter system,it’s fairly common to get dogs from California up in the BC

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about his previous owner or what his life was like. The rescue did tell us that he was very well loved, just couldn’t really taken care of in the way that his owner felt like he deserved. I was working with the homeless population here in my city so it felt like a special connection when we first met him.

We took him for a little walk around the neighborhood. I knew instantly I loved him and I wanted him but I didn’t want to influence my husband’s decision and so I was like what do you think about Hero? Do you think he would work for us. When my husband was very casual and he’s like I think he would probably be a good fit and I was like good because I want him so bad.
He is really weird, he’s like a velvety bag of rocks. He is so muscly and he’s so jacked but he’s really like smooshy to touch. He’s got so much extra skin on him and it just folds in the weirdest little places you can’t resist it.

Interestingly he’s got this white mark on his back and we realized a year after having him. Watch video below to see more:

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