This dog stayed all time at his owner’s grave, until one day they found out why

All the neighbors heard loud barking and shouting, alarmed by the situation they went to see what was happening, some even brought weapons, and when they arrived, they could not believe their eyes.
The last funeral procession was heading to the burial place, there a couple of children who apparently had some family connection with the deceased did not realize what was happening, so they ran happily through the cemetery. The adults, distracted by their grief, did not pay attention to the fact that the children had separated from them.

The boys were looking at the graves with interest and suddenly they noticed a dog on. One of them confused by such a scene, they did not hesitate to call it. The dog only moved its ears and looked at them with indifference. The miners tried to approach but the dog raised his head and growled. He did not allow them to approach. It is useless, the boys were startled by the sudden raspy voice of a woman behind them.
His master is buried there and he won’t leave of his own free will. As they turned to see it who it was, they noticed a scruffy looking stranger. She was a homeless woman who had a bag of food. She was able to collect in the cemetery food from the small gatherings. The visitors made then she approached the animal put something to eat and then walked away.

They call him sergeant said the lady who was starting to eat a sandwich but seeing the children’s interest. She sat down on a bench and started to tell them about the dog.

Sergeant is a lonely dog, an incomprehensible animal. He doesn’t let anyone pet him. Although he was probably once friendly but now he might snap if someone tries to chase him away. At first, people were very afraid of him even though they tried to feed him because they felt sorry for him. Not long ago, his owner was buried and since that day, the dog did not want to move from the grave.

Now he looks calm but before he was howling barking and crying as if it was asking his owner to get up but the way his owner died was a terrible sight, the woman said quietly.

To see full story, please watch video below:

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