This Jet Tᴇʀʀɪꜰɪᴇᴅ the West: The Mikoyan MiG-31 Foxhound

The Russian Air Force decided to use the MiG-31 equipped with the R-37M ᴍɪssɪʟᴇ, which has a range of 300 kilometers. In addition to its better radar, the MiG-31 has contributed to an increase in the number of ᴀɪʀᴄʀᴀꜰᴛ lost by the Ukrainian Air Force.

According to a study that was put out by the Royal United Services Institute in October, around six R-37Ms were being launched at the Ukrainian Air Force each and every day. In addition, four MiG-31s were sent to the Crimean peninsula.
As a defense against R-37M ᴍɪssɪʟᴇs, Ukraine has been forced to launch attacks on MiG-31s while they are still on the ground. Examples of these attacks include the assault on the Belbek airfield and an attempted drone strike in August.
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