This kind mother still ᴅʀᴀɢs her thin body to the street every day to ʙᴇɢ for food in order to feed her puppies.

The mother dog, Indra, was a powerful and caring mother. She was raised on the streets and has always struggled to support herself and her puppies. But no matter how difficult life became, she never gave up. She was out looking for food one day when she felt a searing ache in her rear leg.

She tried to put weight on it, but it wouldn’t hold her weight. She had polio and was now unable to walk normally. Despite her condition, Indra was determined to get food for her puppies.

She pulled herself along, pulling herself forward with her front legs. The rain was pouring down, wetting her fur, but she never wavered in her resolve. Days became weeks, and weeks became months. Indra and her babies were becoming increasingly frail, yet she never gave up. She persisted in her hunt for food, despite the fact that it was getting increasingly difficult.

A nice woman noticed her struggling on the street and took her and her babies to the veterinarian. Indra had polio and would never be able to walk normally again, according to the vet. But the sweet lady was determined to assist. She found Indra and her puppies a warm and happy home and supplied them with all the food and medical attention they need.

Indra was pleased at how much affection and attention she and her babies were getting. Her puppies were now secure and healthy, and she no longer had to fight to get food. She was a caring mother who was always watching over and safeguarding her children.

Years passed, and Indra’s puppies matured and left the nest. But Indra will never forget the generosity extended to her and her family. She lived the remainder of her days in her warm and loving home, surrounded by the wonderful woman who had saved her. Despite the fact that she would never be able to walk normally again, her spirit remained intact, as did her love for her children.

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