This suffering sweetheart could not survive if these heroes do not appear…

This desperate boy was covered in mange scabs, and pain enveloped every inch of his body. Kind passers-by recognized mange and were able to catch and hold him in their car while waiting for our rescue team to arrive.

We were so happy with this profoundly important help because mange dogs are often difficult to catch. He was incredibly gentle and hardly moved a muscle while we administered pain medicine and began his life-saving treatment. Although he didn’t love his first medicated bath, he must have felt so much relief to rest with a full stomach after eating a big meal.
Day by day, his scabs were washed away, and a beautiful powdery angel began to emerge from what had been pure wreckage. Meet sweet Powder now!
“It shouldn’t have to get this bad before someone sees and acts on it. Thanks to whoever saw this poor dog and did something about it. Thank you to the Angels who gave this boy all he needed to feel good. You all are so Amazing!”
If you dont know how to help the animals around us, here is an easy way for you. If you are active on social media or are able to spread information on shelter animals in other ways, consider sharing the profiles and pictures of the animals at your local shelter. This helps increase exposure for the animals and may result in an adoption.
These rescuers love animals and have dedicated their lives to animal welfare working long hours. Next time you’re at an animal shelter or rescue take a moment to thank a staff member.
Please watch video below and share with your friends. Thank you!

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