This tiny dog was left in an uninhabited house in terrible condition, see how human treats him…

“The greatness of a nation is measured by how its animals are treated.” -Mahatma Gandhi. Recently we shared some truly heartwarming posts with you of animals protecting humans. Today we want to prove that humanity is capable of returning the favor. Let’s get started!

We took her under permission by the son of the family. She is 8 years old, weight 3,8 kilos and her name is Beba. She wasn’t neutered or microchiped or vaccinated, or cared properly. Now she can have everything.
So far she trust no one … will remain under our care for as long as it takes unless there is someone who wishes to adopt her and help her gain her trust back on humans.
“Bless her heart! And bless your heart, Ermioni, for the patience you show to scared animals! These dogs don’t know how good they’ve got it, once found by you”

Today, human kindness is needed more than ever. We should all make an effort to not let our busy lives get in the way of altruistic behaviour and to reconnect with the innate gift of human kindness that lies within each one of us. Watch video below:

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