This US Submarine SHOCKED the Russians! Did you know what is it?

Submarines established their combat effectiveness more than a century ago, comfortably occupying their position in the realm of naval weaponry. People were involved in the development of submerged ships numerous centuries ago.

Beginning with Leonardo da Vinci’s project, engineers repeatedly attempted to come up with a floating craft that could function underwater. When the First World War was going on, the submarines interacted with the surface ships of their countries, successfully worked for reconnaissance purposes, and stealthily approached enemy targets.
There are submarines several times larger than blue whales, the recognized giants of the planet. They can stay under water for up to six months, dive to incredible depths, travel unnoticed through the seas and oceans. While you are watching our video, somewhere far away (or maybe not so far) silent ki.llers, hiding under the water column, are sailing the seas. They are huge, powerful and deadly, capable of lurking deep in the depths for months to one day deliver the decisive blow.
Watch video below to discover:

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