Tiny Feral Kittens Learn To Welcome Love After A Period Of Time

Today we will tell you story of a tiny spicy kitten who turns into a whole new kitten when his sister is rescued weeks later

All kittens are born unfamiliar with us, but they get socialized to us via their early kittenhood experiences. The more pleasant contacts cats have with humans while they are young, the faster they will warm up and develop into sociable, friendly kittens.

When feral kittens are in close quarters with a human, they may be hissy, avoidant, scared, or even aggressive. That’s because they find humans quite threatening! With enough patience, persistence, and the right kind of care, feral kittens can often warm up and become friendly, loving companions through the process of socialization.

This feral kitten wouldn’t let the girl get near him, nor touch him back. About a week and a half later, they had a person who was actually able to catch the fourth siblings and brought to home. The kitten soon learns to accept love. Watch video below:

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