Top 5 Poisonous Reptiles You Had Better Avoid

1. Boa rubber python

Boa rubber pythons are active in many environments including the Canadian province of British Columbia. This species of python can control body temperature very well. Dubbed the “two-headed python”, Rubber Boa possesses a tail used as bait to defend itself. Their tails can also endure the injuries they receive from fighting rats.

Boa rubber python

2. Mata Mata is the strangest turtle in the world.

Unlike other “gentle” species, the Mata Mata turtle from the Amazon region, South America can reach and use its sharp teeth to crush prey such as aquatic birds, invertebrates. live and fish. They live with tiger fish and river dolphins. Mata Mata is the strangest turtle in the world.

Mata Mata is the strangest turtle in the world.

3. Snake eats african egg

Snake eats african egg

Snakes are known for their ferocity and ability to attack quickly. However, African egg-eating snakes are slow and unpretentious in approaching their prey. It is one of two egg-eating snakes in the class of snakes that depend entirely on eggs for food (along with Indian egg-eating snakes). Because they do not have fangs, snakes that eat African eggs are not venomous. African egg-eating snakes have extremely flexible jaws and necks, they can easily swallow eggs that weigh 10 times their body weight. The backbone in the body has a convex structure with edges that can break eggshells.

4. European legless lizard

European amputee lizard possesses great strength and skill in catching prey. Although they are legless, they still have features similar to other lizards such as ears behind eyes and a flat head. They often wipe their noses on the ground to clean the mucus they secrete after eating.

European legless lizard

5. Bipes Biporus Lizard.

Bipes Biporus Lizard.

Bipes Biporus is a type of lizard with a very special shape when it has a half-human, half-worm, half-snake appearance, and even has two front legs. This animal lives only in the Baja California waters of Mexico. Bipes Biporus, also known as mole lizard, spends all day digging and spends time underground in search of food. It is the largest species (counted in the class of reptiles including snakes and lizards) and has a large number of “inhabitants”.

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