Touching story about An Innocent Dog with 3 Legs Fiercely Chopped, Hid and Cried in the Corner

Whether it’s World Animal Day or Random Acts of Kindness Day, animals need our help all year round! No matter how big or small, kindness is always appreciated by our planet’s creatures (no matter how small the animal or the action). Helping animals in need is vital. Today we will tell you rescueing story of an innocent dog with 3 legs brutally chopped, hidding in the corner to cry.

There is a dog who got run over and legs were broken and bleeding too. Maybe it’s a stray dog, luckily for it, a kind young man from the rescue camp saved him.
Then rescue team took the poor puppy to the vet. This dog needed injections to raise the blood level for a couple of days. Hope poor dog will recover soon.
We can fight poverty, reduce hunger, improve people’s health, combat climate change, and protect our planet’s biodiversity by treating animals well. Please watch video as below:

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