Touching story Viral On Social Networks: A Homeless Man Celebrates Birthday With Dogs On Street

In a world where we expect birthday parties for our birthdays, this man stands out different from others!
A heartwarming video of a homeless man celebrating his birthday with his furry friends has gone viral on social media. The video was shot on the streets of Bucaramanga, Colombia

The name of this young man is Chelase. He was observed by a nearby person sitting on the stairs of a city park with two cutely dressed dogs. The birthday of the puppy Shiki was being celebrated.

After removing the cake and candles, he began to sing a birthday song. The doggies watched their master closely as two candles were put on a small cake, as if they were really considering their request. Chelase then took one for himself and one for each of his friends, possibly bowing to his feelings.

When the man on his phone finished filming the action, he went up to them to ask some questions. It turned out that they were homeless. Chelase received a new smartphone, which he used to open his Instagram account, which now has more than 200 thousand followers.

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