Ultimately: US Announced LASER Weapo.n on 6th Generation Fighter Jet

The United States is focusing entirely on laser weap0ns. Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin, three of the world’s most important military contractors, have been contracted to provide a single laser weapo.n for more than $26.3 million, which might be incorporated on future sixth-generation fighter planes. This endeavor to outfit fighter planes with laser weapons could not have come at a better moment for the United States, since China appears to have a laser issue.

At least 20 instances involving Chinese naval personnel firing lasers at American ships and aircraft were reported by the US Navy in 2018. In 2022, Australia, a US ally, reported that the Chinese laser weapo.n destroyed one of its planes. This latest occurrence occurred about 65 miles from Australia’s northern shore. China, like every other prior allegation, denied the occurrence.
However, given the sheer number of instances and China’s heavy investment in laser weapon research and integration into fighter planes, these denials are not difficult to believe. This fierce battle between the United States and China to build airborne lasers is likely to be the next revolution in aerial warfare, shaking up the world power status quo and changing how wars are fought in the future.
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