US Air Force Supersonic Aircraft With Optimal Silencer

It is graceful, long, and lean. But silence is its defining quality. Quiet SuperSonic Technology is the meaning of the acronym QueSST in the aircraft’s name.
For whatever reason, this plane is seen as a response to Putin in Russia.

The fact is that the Lockheed Martin X-59 QueSST in the project is designated as a passenger liner, albeit somewhat unusual. However, all four NASA flight research centers and Lockheed Martin are involved in the creation of the supersonic X-59. Agree, this is not a very common circumstance. The symbiosis between NASA and a leading manufacturer of military aircraft indicates that we are facing a not-so-civilian project.
A lot of technologies have been invested in the aircraft, which have at least a dual purpose. What is it? A natural flow of military developments into the civilian sphere? Or is the Lockheed Martin X-59 QueSST an undercover agent?
Please watch video as below:

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